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We’ve sold our eggs under the EggFresh logo since 1972. EggsFresh eggs are guaranteed fresh and subject to industry-leading food safety and quality standards, as verified by our certification as an SQF-approved Level 2 egg processing facility in 2013.

EggsFresh eggs are laid by laying hens located on our single farm location, where they enjoy a vegetarian diet of premium feed made fresh on a daily basis at our feed mill. All eggs packaged on our farm are Pennsylvania-certified and subject to the quality requirements defined by the PA-certified code, the USDA and the FDA.

We offer the following fresh egg products:

+ All-Natural White Eggs
+ All-Natural Vegetarian-Fed White Eggs
+ All-Natural Vegetarian-Fed Omega-3 Eggs
+ All-Natural Brown Eggs

We also offer customized packaging of our superior eggs to interested retail centers.

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