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Premium Feeds :: All-Natural & Vegetarian

She is what she eats. That’s why we feed each hen a purely vegetarian diet of locally grown feeds made fresh every day. All feed ingredients are produced naturally, from the expeller pressed soybean meal to the probiotic essential oils used to keep her healthy.

Why is vegetarian-fed important to you? It guarantees the hens that lay our eggs will never consume low-cost animal byproducts, which raise the risk of feed contamination that may lead to unsafe eggs. Consumption of animal-byproducts exposes the hens to all components of the diets consumed by the animals making up that by-product. Restricting our feeds to only grains and vegetable oils gives our farm control over the safety of our feeds and health of our hens.

When we make the claim that our feed is all-natural, we mean it. Corn and barley is freshly ground before being mixed into feed, and our soybeans are expeller pressed at an all-natural soybean facility within five miles from our farm. The soybean meal and soybean oil that goes into our feed are produced naturally using only heat. There is only one ingredient in our soy feed products: soybeans. Our feed is free of ingredients produced using solvents and ethanol-based byproducts.

Premium feed using only vegetarian and truly all-natural ingredients is a core philosophy of our farm. Our hens eat well so that you can too.
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